Our mission

Uhive's mission is to create real disruption to the social media space by placing users (not revenue) at the absolute core of our values.

Users of existing social networks are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the businesses behind the platforms profiteering off their time and content.

Uhive is giving users not only the opportunity to own a piece of the network, but own their content and earn from it, too. Uhive’s circular economy means value is sent right back into sustaining the community, and not lining the pockets of corporate owners.

The Journey So Far

Since launching earlier this year on Android and iOS, Uhive now has 138,000 users on its network.

With a vibrant and active community already using Uhive, the platform boasts over 5 million posts!

According to Entrepreneur - Uhive is one of "The Top 5 Startups to Watch in 2020".

We're crowdfunding

Social media isn’t broken, but it can be done much better. Social networks have been built around the idea that users are ‘data assets’ to be mined, and then sold to the highest bidder. 

At Uhive we’ve always believed it’s users - not the platform - who should be rewarded for their time, creativity, and effort. 

Crowdfunding is everything that Uhive represents, so what better way to raise our next round of investment than by giving our users the opportunity to actually own a piece of Uhive?